The Selangor State Government recognizes the important role of mothers in managing family affairs, educating and raising children.

In honor of the sacrifice of mothers, the Selangor State Government has introduced the Selangor smart mothers (KISS), a special welfare program for low-income mothers (Group B40).

This program aims to reduce the cost of living through financial assistance for the purchase of everyday necessities.

The program participants can make cashless purchases of basic necessities at registered shops and supermarkets.


  1. A KISS card will be given to each eligible member
  2. The KISS card can be used at registered stores as well as supermarkets
  3. Cashless purchase of basic necessities
  4. Purchase of basic necessities is limited to RM200 per month
  5. The balance of the previous month will not be carried forward for the next month
  6. RM200 will be topped-up automatically every month into the KISS card


  1. Rice
  2. Noodles and Mugs
  3. Bread
  4. Biscuits
  5. Eggs
  6. Sugar and Salt
  7. Spices
  8. Flour
  9. Cooking oil
  10. Vegetables
  11. Chicken, beef, goat, and fish
  12. Soaps and detergents
  13. Disposable diapers (baby/adult)
  14. Dairy products – fresh milk, milk powder, evaporated milk and condensed milk
  15. School items – shoes, bags, books, stationery, uniforms and so on
  16. Note: Only items listed above are approved for purchase. There is no limit to selected items.


  1. Malaysian citizen; and
  2. Born in Selangor or lived in Selangor for over 10 years; and
  3. Voters registered in the State of Selangor; and
  4. Woman (married mother or single mother) with children/dependents under 21; and
  5. Household income is less than RM2,000 a month


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