The Selangor State Government allocates RM 125 million a year to provide free health care services to 250,000 families or 1 million people of Selangor who have a household income of RM 3,000 and below.


Under this Skim Peduli Sihat, the Selangor State Government will fund basic health care for each eligible family of up to RM500 a year.


People born or residing for more than 10 years in Selangor are eligible for treatment at 1,000 registered clinics in Selangor and the Klang Valley.


Each applicant will receive a Skim Peduli Sihat health card, enable primary account holders as well as dependents, wives and children under 21 to receive doctor’s treatment at a registered clinic according to the prescribed usage and eligibility criteria.


Clinics registered with Health Care will charge a doctor’s consultancy fee which does not burden the people by the prescribed fees of the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA).


Under this Skim Peduli Sihat are provided:

People’s Dialysis Program

The State Government’s attention continued to grow as the allocation of the People’s Dialysis Program increased from RM1.7 million a year to RM5 million, beginning of 2017.


The decision taken on the awareness of the cost of dialysis treatment is very burdensome for patients as they cannot afford to cover the cost of living.


The National Renal Transplant Registry 2014 reports that there are 6,890 dialysis patients in Selangor and that each patient is required to undergo 13 times a month for almost RM3,000 a month.


As of October 24, 504 patients have benefited from the program at a cost of RM1.45 million from the State Government.


Early Intervention Programme (EIP)

Not only that, the State Government to come up with the Early Intervention Program (Early Intervention Program) specifically for children with special needs in its intention to create a caring society with an allocation of RM3 million.


The program provides education and a variety of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy and hydrotherapy aimed at helping parents take the early steps toward preventing future problems with their child’s physical condition.


At the same time, the program helps children with special needs to adapt to society without feeling isolated because they also have their abilities and potential. Any information please email to


Handle Denggi & Zika

Committed to holistic eradication of dengue and zika, the State Government increased its allocation of control and prevention to RM5 million in 2017 compared to RM1.5 million in 2016


Once again, the State Government spending and this allocation will be used for control activities by increasing the use of Pest Controller Operator (PCO) in each local authority.


Not enough with that, the State Government’s commitment to ensuring the healthy lives of its people is enhanced by increasing law enforcement against irresponsible parties that contribute to the spread of the epidemic.


However, the State Government has high expectations for all parties to take responsibility for ensuring that there is no breeding ground for Aedes mosquitoes.



Under the Health Care Scheme program, eligible applicants will be awarded the Selangor Health Care Card to receive treatment at 1,000 registered clinics in Selangor and the Klang Valley. Health Care Cards have two (2) categories:


Category A
  1. For the husband and / or wife and their children (under 21 years)
  2. Household income of RM3,000.00 and below per month



  1. Obtain a card worth RM500.00 a year
  2. Limit of use up to RM50 per treatment
  3. There is no limit to the type of treatment and medical
  4. A HEALTHY CARE medical cards are given to the family in the name of the primary account holder


Category B
  1. Individuals 21 years of age and older are eligible
  2. Individual income of RM1,500.00 and below per month


  1. Obtain a card value of RM 200.00 a year
  2. Limit of use of RM50 per treatment
  3. There is no limit to the type of treatment and medical
  4. A HEALTHY CARE medical cards are given to an individual in the name of the account holder


  1. Malaysian citizen
  2. Born in the State of Selangor or has lived in Selangor for over 10 years

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